Golden Heart Grounding Meditation (20 min)

Please find and listen to the Golden Heart Grounding Meditation (20 min) audio file here.


Christ is not a person. It is the formulation of Divine masculine power and Divine feminine love into a prismatic, crystalline structure composed of consciousness and light. Individuals, such as Jesus, Krishna in India as well as Buddha were able to Master and unify consciousness and, thereby, create this mystical marriage of power and love, and become the embodiment of the Christ field. It is a field of emanation that literally summons and causes creation to manifest from out of the spirit/void.


This multi-faceted crystalline form is composed of two opposing triangles of light and love that move or spin in counter rotating vortices. The triangles are in superposition, partially in and through each other, and this creates the multi-faceted Star Tetrahedron. As the upper triangulation of Divine power rotates clockwise, from left to right in the body and the lower triangulation of Divine love rotates counter clockwise, right to left in the body it creates a magnetic vortex within the very center that literally opens a doorway back into the realms of source/spirit. As the essence of source arises forth from out of the vortex in the middle it is refracted through the rapidly spinning crystalline prism and emanates as living particles of golden light. Just as the physical sun emanates light, so too does the star tetrahedron spin out a cosmic dance of living light.


Many of these facts were alluded to in the testimony of Jesus’s disciples about the Master. “I Am the doorway:” signifying that this mystical marriage literally opens the true doorway back into the realms of source/spirit. “I and the Father are one, and it is the Father within me that does the work;” meaning the open doorway allows the Father of creation (source) to arise forth within Him, and this emanation is the living light of healing and manifestation. Another quote; “what I have done all men/women shall do and even greater things than these shall ye do.” The ability to Master consciousness and assemble the Star tetrahedron of the crystalline Christ prism is available to all those who choose the Great Way.


I have been fortunate enough, in large part due to my supreme meditation practice over 40 years of service to the light, to find this information and be initiated into my own Christing.

My commitment and deepening into this practice has opened doorway after doorway into the subtle realms of spirit consciousness, and I am called to share this information and technique with those who choose to step from out of the limited mind into the mystical marriage of spirit and matter.