Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for the beautiful workshop and for sending the meditations – such a blessing – all of it.

So I’ve been on an acid trip since Sunday minus the LSD – every millisecond heightened to the power of 20 – did get back to this plane by going out with friends and drinking bourbon and wine – laughing, tasting, listening, noticing, feeling everything so magnified still. Have had some tears, overload and overwhelm as well. My meditations are wonderful and I can visualize so much easier.

I know what a blessing we’ve all been given. So eternally grateful.


Thank you so much for another reminder of this practice which is such a blessing in my life. Every day since the workshop I’ve been practicing allowing it to evolve – it’s so powerful and it gets easier and more automatic – right now I’d describe it as empowered joy, but I know it keeps changing and so am just seeing where it leads.

We’re all so lucky that you’ve so generously passed on these absolute treasures to us – and to have you in our lives!

Much love and gratitude –


Thank you so much for facilitating the workshop. This was exactly what I was looking for but I never knew it would be so loving. Shew! For years I have been gnawing on the same background emotions and feel very much like this workshop was an answer to my prayers. Definitely, things will never be the same!

Please keep me on your mailing list and notify me of future events.

Also, I would love to schedule an in-person reading.

Love and blessings,

Good morning G:

I utilized your grounding meditation technique last night and this a.m. – wonderful. I believe that Maharishi also speaks of this as the “total potential of natural law”. I recall he spoke of sap that comes from the field of intelligence and eventually creates a root system, stems and petals of a beautiful yellow rose. Great stuff.

Warm hugs,
Attorney at Law

Dear Gary
The aftermath of our workshop is still resonating with me. It is still fresh within my being.
What a lovely group of folks.
I was wondering if you had scheduled another workshop?
I would like to put your teaching at the top of my list saving the date.
You really have planted the seeds in many who attended and would love to have a follow up.
Angel blessings
In Love and Golden light