Clearing stored emotion is essential for living a happy, joyful life. Transmuting low frequency emotions of fear and sadness into love and joy is part of the magic of Golden Light Meditation.

All the anger, frustration, sadness, fear, loneliness, and shame you may experience today began during the time of conception until age 6 or so. In these formative years the mind was in a theta brainwave state; the same brainwave as hypnosis. All the emotional energy felt during that time was assimilated directly into the subconscious mind and body. These emotions became the foundation of a worldview that has run on auto-pilot all your life, until now.

Here’s an example: At age of 2, mother and/or father may have felt anger, perhaps even arguing over finances or something else in the child’s presence. The powerful force of this anger was felt. Open and vulnerable to this powerful force from mother or father, this vibration was stored in the aura and tissues of the child. The vibration is carried through life, continuing to create angry situations and relationship until this energy has been cleared. The child feels anger at age 8, again at age 10, age 16, then at 23, and so on. One may perceive the anger as a result of a relationship breakup, losing a job, argument with friend. This is the story, however. In fact, the stored vibration of anger has been there all along creating the story. Clearing the anger now, will cleanse the aura and body, transmuting anger into power and more joy forevermore.

Golden Light Meditation empowers you to dive into the subconscious, embracing the light of your soul to heal old programming and live the life of love and joy you were born to live.