Void….Unmanifest pure consciousness

Before the Big Bang there was only the darkness of the void, but it was not an empty void. It was and IS a field of pure consciousness within which Source intelligence or God resides before manifestation. It is spirit before form…unmanifest pure consciousness.

The Void was filled with infinite possibilities, but there was no separate identity, other than the void, to see itself.

Imagine you are in a dark room where not one photon of light exists. But in that room anything you could ever imagine, believe or feel is there in the darkness as a field of consciousness. This magic room is ready to reveal anything that could ever be imagined, believed or felt. But if there is no light to shine upon the imagined possibility, then there is no manifestation.

Voila….The Big Bang….…Light.

Source intelligence (God) separated itself from itself so that it could begin to see itself. Now, through multitudes of individual lights, (Souls like you and I) separate aspects of the One could now make choices of perception to identify and see within the vast void, possibilities waiting to become manifest.

Mind is light…..we are the Mind of God looking into the void to choose through our perceptions the reality we would like to see and feel. On Earth, individuals have been programmed through manipulation and control to believe they are limited humans, and so their perceptions create a world of limitation and suffering. When, in fact, we are Divine aspects of God-Mind seeking to wake up to our identity and remember ourselves as Great Creator Beings.

Buddha, Krishna and Christ awoke to their divinity and said; “even greater things than these shall ye do”. Now is the time of the great awakening on Earth and your perceptions, either limited or unlimited will create your reality. Choices!

Wake up to your Divine heritage and express God on Earth. You and I are the Creator Beings, calling and summoning the Void into manifestation to see what we might be!