When you feel truly Grounded in the body, you feel a profound, deep love and joy that is the very essence of The Divine Creator Being.

The body feels lighter. It feels joyful. It feels like a breath of energy moving through all life seamlessly. Like being a drop in a river, flowing with the river . . . with a purpose that the river knows as it weaves its way to the ocean. You are both the drop and the river . . . and the ocean. Grounding creates trust and surrender.

The essence of God, which is unconditional love, is everywhere present . . . . even within the body. Grounding in the body, one awakens to their God-self in material form.

The use of the word ‘Grounding’, within the context of the Golden Light work, has a greater implication than simply being ‘present’. It is an energetic state of being, awareness, and unity consciousness.

Being in the “Now” is the profound feeling of union and love with Mother earth co-existing within the physical body. This grounded feeling of love and joy with earth is the profound knowing that this is also God’s body. You are God’s body. You are source energy, experiencing a feeling of great power, great love, joyful childlike playfulness. You are unlimited breadth and depth, brilliant with possibilities and potentiality; able to breath potentiality into your being and then breathe it into the worlds of form. You are creator; manifesting joy, love, a feeling of oneness with all creation…bliss. Indian philosophy speaks of it as Satchitananda….Divine Bliss

There a supreme intelligence that underlies every action, every moment, every thing which seeks to awaken itself out of separation and back into union. Grounding is essential to this becoming.

Experience a 6 minute Golden Light Grounding meditation here: (Link)