I teach specific information and techniques on the formulation and the opening of The inter-dimensional Star Gate. This sacred doorway exists within what is called the Jewel in the Lotus, positioned within the center of the fully awakened heart Chakra. I have been meditating with extreme focus and discipline for over 40 years on the Christ Consciousness/Buddha Nature, and recently received information that was taught in the Essene schools of antiquity that describes the initiations to open this Divine gateway and embody enlightenment.

Prior to this life altering revelation, I found through my meditation that when an individual has achieved balance within their masculine and feminine natures, and they have released any negative emotion that keeps them from truly loving themselves, the heart chakra is then fully awakened.

Once this balance is achieved and meditation has brought the mind into a place of focused silence an individual can hold their attention within the center point of the mind in the area of the pineal gland, also know as the Third eye. When the mind has reached a point of perfect stillness and all consciousness is focused with the third eye, it ignites an electric blue light or blue flame. This light of Divine Mind will illuminate the sacred lotus, resting within the inner petals of the the heart chakra, and ignite the Jewel into living light. The jewel is a prismatic light-form in the shape of the Star Tetrahedron, which is the mystical marriage of Divine masculine mind and Sacred feminine love. This creates the Christ Consciousness, and the beginning of the transfiguration into The Great Way.

The Star Tetrahedron begins to spin in counter rotating vortices (upper masculine triangle in a clockwise or left to right spin and the feminine triangle in a counter clockwise movement). This spin opens a vortex or Sacred doorway back into the void or the realm of Spirit from out which we originally emerged as a spark of God to begin our journey of creator-ship. Samadhi is not falling back into the void in union with the Divine. True Mastery is symbolic of the Christ Field that stands at the open doorway and is able to say; “all that God is I AM, both manifest and unmanifest”.  As the personality fully identifies with the Christ Field the personality falls away and the inter-dimensional Star Gate becomes fully functioning as the open doorway into spirit Oneness.

Finally, as the spinal column, along with the brain stem and the pineal gland become fully functioning as the symbolic rod and staff of initiation, an individual can begin to formulate the initiation of Ascension. In the silence of the deepest meditation you begin to sense all around you, 12 ft above and 12 ft. below and 35-40 ft all around, a wave of energy that is the torus field. This field of energy is composed of Electric Fire which is the first expression of Divine Mind when Source first emanated from out of the void in the big bang to begin creation. All beings individuated as torus bubbles from out of the Universal ocean of Electric Fire. Over aeons of time we learned how to formulate a soul body, which could then begin to dip down into time/space and create physical form to explore three dimensional realities. Thus, becoming symbolically kicked out of Eden and trapped in a dense physical space suit. But now, the fully functioning rod and staff allows the individual to hover in consciousness within this torus field, and through the third eye “know” all things of the realized God you are. You reside within the Electric Blue field that is a hologram of the Original Source Being, i.e. God. This Ascension into your Divine and Sacred self is enlightenment and full creator-ship as the individual God I AM.