The goal of evolution on planet Earth is to create a human/divine form that embodies the power, wisdom and love of God/Source within a three dimensional physical world. This is spoken of as God on earth and the name given to this state of consciousness is “Christ consciousness”.

Christ is not a person, but a mystical name that signifies this Divine union of Source, fully aware within physical form. Jeshua, Buddha, and Krishna were all exemplary beings who embodied these Divine qualities of power, wisdom and love, and they expressed this Sacred union within all aspects of their lives. Miracles were preformed, bodies were healed, compassion and love was the new teaching, and life on the planet became more harmonious and intelligent through the advent of these great Souls.

They demonstrated the possibilities inherent within all human beings because every human being is a Divine Soul that emanated originally from God/Source. The old paradigm of self aggrandizement, expressed through manipulation and control of resources, creating self worth through money and power has brought the world to the brink of economic, social, political and environmental chaos.

The world is crumbling so that a new heaven and earth can be created, where we live as Divine Beings, manifesting and creating through our wisdom and love, rather than greed and ignorance. The spark of the Divine within can be fanned into a flame of great transformation if we choose. If we continue to follow along like sheep within the old paradigm then more pain, suffering, chaos, disease and war will create more tension so that humanity is forced to wake up.

The call of awakening has been sounded from the realms of the Divine and Sacred. Spirit is giving each of us the great opportunity to change radically into the Human/Divine Being that is the next wave of evolution on the planet.

This is the Sacred focus of our work and I invite you into this transformation. The tools and the wisdom you need to become the creator Being you are will be found within this work.