Golden light meditation allows you to experience the innate perfection that already exists at the finest level of your being. By clearing stored emotion and enlivening the body, we find and feel the unlimited health and vitality that already exists within. Focusing on harmonious thoughts and feelings allow disease to disappear and youthful vitality to emerge.

Most of us still function within the mass consciousness of humanity so the physical body operates within certain laws of cause and effect. Quantum physics clearly reveals, however, that the atoms comprising our cells are 99 percent space. At the finest level of creation you are a fuzzy mass of thought/energy.

It is your thoughts and feelings that actually create the biology of your physical body and all corresponding health or disease. Within and beneath all disease and affliction there is perfect health waiting to be reawakened. Up until recently scientists were confounded about why the cells in our physical body age and die. Now we know thoughts and feelings are influencing the finest particles of creation. The belief in old age and unresolved emotions we carry break the communication link between neuropeptides (neuro-signaling molecules) and the receptors in the cells, creating imbalance and disease.

The Golden Light meditation empowers each of us to create new found health and wellness within the physical form.