The Story

Where it all begins…

Spirituality fell into my lap when I was a sophomore in college. A friend gave me a book about the great prophet and psychic, Edgar Cayce and when I read it I realized that “they” had lied to me…there was another reality besides the life of struggle most people experienced. Shortly thereafter, I was in the local bookstore and three leather bound books that I could not have reached on the top shelf jumped out onto the floor. ”Life and Teachings of the Master’s of the Far East” was the title, and when I took them home and read them I knew this was Truth. I knew then that my life would be dedicated to finding those who knew this truth and lived it.

I began devouring every book on spirituality, religion and the esoteric I could find and over the next five years I filled my mind to the brim with wisdom, but still did not live it in my life. I was a good person but did not really love or honor myself from all the deep childhood wounds I experienced. Confused and disillusioned by the inconsistency of what I knew and what I lived, I sold all my possessions and moved to Carmel CA. to find some answers. It was clearly Soul destiny because I soon met Dorie D’Angelo, the “Angel Lady of Carmel.” She was 82 years old and a saint who lived, walked and talked love and grace. She took me under her wing and showed me how the power of love can heal any condition, reawaken childlike magic within and open the door to the living relationship with the divine and sacred Soul within every human being.

She taught me for a year and then left the planet for what she called her ‘true birthday’ within spirit. By now the door to clairvoyance and higher perception had opened within me, so I knew the divine realm she was going to, so it was a celebration rather than a departing.

The discipline of meditation and my devout spiritual practice quickly opened doorway after doorway into the realms of spirit and I began to teach others how to create the sacred relationship with the Soul. Some would call this divine Self the Christ Consciousness, other’s the Buddha Nature and the Jewish tradition would name it the Shekhinah Light, but it was all the same Divine and Sacred Self that is from Source Oneness.

I now live within this connection of the Golden Light of the Soul and can guide others to the sacred within. I have risen from the childhood place of despair to the union of inner bliss with the Soul, and I clearly know the path. Golden Light is the frequency of the Soul and my work clearly marks the pathway for anyone to follow.