We are not victims…each and every circumstance, relationship, and event until now has been an out-picturing of your subconscious and conscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

The old paradigm of living was one of always doing and performing to be recognized. We were taught to manipulate the environment around us through power, force, and rational thinking to create the situations, relationships, and situations that we dreamed of.

The new paradigm of creating is one of feeling and manifesting with heart and soul. When we learn to consciously feel the essence of Source within, allowing the truth of our being to emerge and guide this life we are living, everything takes on a new flavor of magical spontaneity and childlike joy. Our inner being becomes a pure mountain stream flowing from within and nurturing life around us. Where once there was lack, now there is prosperity, love and joy. Becoming a master of Self requires abandoning who you thought you were….to reveal the divine within.

The keys to unlocking this fountain of pure life within you, and living the life you deserve, are already there. Golden Light Meditation and Gary’s guidance will reveal the sacred Soul within and peace will be yours.