This meditation work is unique. The frequency of Golden Light is able to hold simultaneously all that is within spirit, as unmanifest pure consciousness as well as all that which is embodied within physical form, in a powerful and loving way. This enables ones awareness to slip in and through both of those constructs to find and feel what is really the essence of both . . . .Source God. And then, YOU so powerfully love both spirit and matter there is a tangible feeling of oneness and Unity within these opposite expressions. This is Christ Consciousness and our highest potentiality on this planet.

Many meditation techniques and spiritual practices are effective in quieting the mind and achieving feelings of peace and love by taking one’s awareness out of the body to experience spirit UNmanifest. In contrast, the Golden Light meditation actually integrates spirit within the body in order to realize ones physical self as a divine being and a conscious co-creator of realities.

And because Golden Light is a frequency that is able to hold simultaneously the essence of God as spirit and form as matter, it can then weave into the physical body to find and ferret out areas that still do not believe they are worthy to be at one with God or Source. This dynamically assists in clearing emotional trauma and healing physical dis-ease within the physical form, so that you develop a body and mind that mirrors the perfection of spirit that you already are.