AurawomanYour Aura is a vibrational out-picturing of the consciousness of the soul moving within the phycical form. Each of the 7 chakras vibrates at a different tone, sound, and color frequency, creating the aura. It is, in fact, a colorful depiction of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual structures and extends far beyond the perimeter of the physical body. Your aura is just as much ‘you’ as your body or mind, within this 3 dimensional realm.

Important to understand is that when imbalances exist within the chakras, they creates a darker hue similar to mud or fog within the aura which correlate to an imbalance within the physical, emotional, or mental body. These imbalances are due to a feeling of lack of self love or self worth created as a child from age zero to six. If these clouds of emotion are left untended and unloved, much more serious problems with health will occur over time.

And, like a movie projector, these shadows of emotion vibrate out into the world. The people, circumstances, and situations in your life are reflections of the vibrations within your aura.

Feelings of self-love, gratitude, and joy vibrate out from the aura and reflect circumstances and relationships in alignment with this Truth of who you are.

Golden Light Meditation techniques clear the emotional imbalances and foster feelings of love and abundance in your aura and in your life.

 You are a master of your reality, whether you know it or not.


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