Enlightenment’ is understood here literally as the light of the soul fully integrated into the human body, activating the energetic field of each and every cell in the body with Source energy. This is Christ Consciousness or the Buddha Nature . . . . the next step in human evolution and purpose of your life on this planet.

In order to unify the soul and body, the ego-mind has to be brought back into alignment. It has to be balanced. It has to be harmonized. Golden Light Meditation catalyzes this deepening in order for the union of mind with one’s true self to occur.

When one trains the mind to be silent it can then hold its identification on the unlimited ‘I’, the Self, the Soul and Source of creation rather than on the limited ‘I’ of the mind-body. Although many meditation and spiritual practices make this identification possible, Golden Light is unique in that it vibrates with the frequency to enable the loving fusion of soul and physical form as the truly Enlightened, Christed being.